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Jordanian Universities Network (JUNet)

JUNet is a non-profit company connecting the Jordanian Public Universities via a state-of-theart high-speed broadband network creating the best infrastructure needed for advanced Higher Education and Research in Jordan since July 2003 as a first stage of the national broadband network which was established in the light of his majesty’s initiative to connect Jordanians. The Jordanian Universities Network owns a national broadband network with 1 Gbps fibre optic cables connecting public universities at the national level. It undertakes the offering of many services, including: Internet services, aggregated software licensing, subscription of digital libraries, video conferencing, and technical support and applications. The network runs an 8 Core grid system accessible through gLite middleware. JUNET was connected to EUMEDCONNECT during its first two phases and currently has no dedicated link to the global scientific and research networks. JUNET currently hosts the Africa & Arabia ROC portal.  
In particular, JUNET was established to provide and advance TCP-IP network for Jordanian Universities and scientific research centres. The main achievements for this network are:
  1. Providing a quality network services to the universities including VPNs, Video Conferencing services and providing reliable infrastructures to the libraries to provide sectors wide management services and the scientific GRNOS and periodical publications that are commonly used
  2. Internet consolidation including all related management services for all universities
  3. Providing a quality and specialized training to the technical staff in the universities
  4. Completed an Internet cashing and filtering project for member universities to boost the information and network security measures.
More information: www.junet.edu.jo