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Palestinian National Research and Education Network (PalNREN)

PalNREN is a Palestinian non-profit project under the administration of ministry of higher education, aim to increase the efficiency of education and research in Palestine. PalNERN is high-speed data-communications networks connecting the Palestinian universities. The purpose is to help communicate and exchange services and information between Palestinian universities through providing educational content and experiences. Yet, the education sector continues to face many obstacles ranging from restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation, finding sufficient funding as well as shortage in skills and resources, also finding the right infrastructure. Several initiatives were made as far back as 1995 with projects such as PADI1 and PADI2, and the PALTEL which was the first network linking Palestinian universities and hosted at Al-Quds University. In 2010 the Palestinian government has acquired through PALTEL the Palestinian telecommunications, the first Palestinian National Research and Education Network, PalNREN, with EUMEDCONNECT at 45 Mbps, it is owned and funded by the ministry of education and higher education, where all Palestinian universities are connected free of charge. Unfortunately, due to the financial difficulties, this connection has to be disconnected as of last year, the future is not yet clear, but the ministry of education and higher education continues to support higher education institutions through its membership with EXCO and this service is available to all 15 universities.
Universities connected to PalNREN:
  1. Birzeit University
  2. Al-Quds Open University
  3. Al-Najah University
  4. Al-Quds University
  5. Palestine Polytechnic University
  6. Hebron University
  7. Arab American University
  8. Khadouri University
  9. Islamic University Gaza
  10. AL-Aqsa University
  11. Universities are not connected to PalNREN
  12. Bethlehem University
  13. Al-azhar University
More information: www.palnren.net