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Syrian Higher Education and Research Network (SHERN)

SHERN has been created as a result of cooperation between UNDP, UNESCO and Ministry of Higher Education in 2001. Higher Institute of applied science and technology (HIAST) has been active in leading e-Infrastructure and connectivity at the national level and developing SHERN. SHERN builds a modern core network within the different Syrian universities and connectivity between them and other education and research institutions.

The pilot project started with 2 Mbps link between universities and 1 Mbps Internet connection as reported during LinkSCEEM user meeting in 2008. During EUMEDCONNECT2, SHERN inter university links should have upgraded to 30-40 Mbps and international link to E1 155 Mbps. SHERN offers variety of services including email, DNS, eLearning, video conferencing, multimedia broadcasting, administrative information exchange, e-libraries, and more. Due to the current situation in Syria, SHERN is no more connected to the EUMEDCONNECT and has no international link to the global research and education network.