ASREN Empowers Emerging NRENs at TNC23 Conference


ASREN made significant strides in fostering collaboration and connectivity at the recent TNC23 conference held in Tirana from 5-9 June 2023. This renowned event, organized by the European Network GÉANT and hosted by RASH, the National Research and Education Network of Albania, brought together representatives from across the globe to discuss cutting-edge developments in research and education networking.

A highlight of ASREN's participation was the inclusion of three representatives from Tunisia, Jordan, and Palestine in the esteemed Emerging NREN Programme, with the support of the European Union's co-funded AfricaConnect3 Project and EUMEDCONNECT3 project. This initiative aims to integrate individuals from emerging NRENs worldwide into the TNC community, fostering synergies and connections between European and international NRENs, particularly in engineering and technical roles.

The Emerging NREN Programme provides a unique opportunity for NREN staff members who may not have had the means to participate otherwise. By focusing on engineering and technical personnel, the program enables knowledge exchange and collaboration that empowers participants to drive innovation within their respective NRENs.

TNC23 drew an audience of around 750 participants from more than 50 countries. This diverse gathering created a collaborative platform where decision-makers, networking specialists, security experts, researchers, academics, and students could exchange ideas and explore new possibilities.

ASREN's active involvement in the Emerging NREN Programme at TNC demonstrates its commitment to advancing research and education collaboration in the Arab region. By empowering emerging NRENs and facilitating connections with global networks, ASREN aims to drive progress, innovation, and transformative change within the Arab research and education community.

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